about me

About Me 

I’m Samma.

I’m a twenty-six year old dread head [its a friendly term for someone who has dreadlocks], who has a love for books, shoes, women [more specifically, the one I will be marrying ] children & music.
I work a regular 40+ hour a week job doing technical support for a large smartphone company. I am also a student & awesome at wasting time online.
I come from a semi-large blended family, but only my immediate [read: biological] family still remain in the same city as we do & we’re all pretty close.

Joy & I are about to face a year of huge change, including finalizing this marriage & starting a family.
But for now we are enjoying life day by day, having as much fun as we can before our life becomes all about cloth diapers & snotty noses.

There are a few things that should probably be known about me now.
I am an advocate for gay rights, gay marriage & gay adoption.
I am feminist, pro-choice, non-religious.
I am fiercely loyal, cuss like a sailor & occasionally get a little crazy.




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